Title  Description  Supervisors Status ↓
Spherical Convolutional Neural Networks In the last 5 years, the field of Machine Learning has been revolutionized by the success of Deep Learning. Thanks ... Michaël Defferrard Assigned  More
Sound source localization with deep learning As the number of home assistants such as Alexa and Siri is growing, new engineering challenges arise. This project will ... Benjamin Ricaud, Helena Peic Tukuljac Assigned  More
MNIST classification using deep learning This project consists in a smooth introduction to machine learning and particularly deep learning techniques. The student will first be ... Nauman Shahid, Nathanaël Perraudin Finished  More
Playing with neural network In this project, the student is asked to learn the use of neural networks. First, he will implement a simple ... Nathanaël Perraudin Finished  More
Deep Learning for score generation Deep learning has become one of the most important tools in Machine Learning as it has imposed itself as the ... Nathanaël Perraudin, Michaël Defferrard Finished  More
Deep learning on 3D point clouds for object detection The goal of this project is to apply, adapt, and further develop the recently proposed graph convolutional neural networks [1 ... Michaël Defferrard, Frank de Morsier Finished  More
Detection of sounds with deep learning Classification of images and detection of objects in images have reached an impressive accuracy in the recent years, thanks to ... Benjamin Ricaud Finished  More