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Title Description Supervisors Status
Exploiting simultaneous image and LIDAR data for point-cloud classification Airborne Mapping provide nowadays a huge amount of data from different sources such as imagery or LiDAR point cloud.The Classification … Nicolas Aspert Available
Novel Geometric Deep Learning methods for biological networks Modern Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) have been used extensively in numerous applications, especially in Biology and Chemistry where data can … Ali Hariri Available
Assistant-étudiant pour des tests d'écoute - Francophones exclusivement Contexte: La capacité à percevoir des sons dans l'espace — "écoute spatiale" — est une des fonctions du système auditif … Qin Liu Available
Auditory distance perception Auditory distance perception plays a major role in spatial awareness, enabling location of objects and avoidance of obstacles in the … Qin Liu Available
3D Sound Localization The ability to perceive sounds in space — a concept known as spatial hearing — is a function of our … Qin Liu Available
Development of a fully transparent active noise reduction device Active noise control (ANC) relies on the use of loudspeakers as secondary sources, aiming at cancelling out a primary sound … Rahim Vesal Available
Optimization of corona discharge loudspeakers The Corona Discharge (CD) principle has been demonstrated to allow achieving linear acoustic flow velocity source without relying on an … Hervé Lissek Available
Implicit Neural Representations of Molecular Surfaces Coordinate-based neural networks, sometimes called Implicit Neural Representations (INRs), used for instance in NeRFs, learn to represent highly complex functions … Pierre Vandergheynst, Daniel Probst Available
Wavefunction collapse algorithm for de novo molecular design Summary. The wavefunction collapse algorithm is a conceptually simple generative algorithm inspired by wavefunction superposition [1]. The algorithm has been … Daniel Probst Available
Modeling translation elongation dynamics through Variational AutoEncoders Background Ribosome profiling [1] enabled in vivo monitoring of translation, allowing us to measure codon-specific ribosome dwell times. Recently, computational … Mohan Vamsi Nallapareddy, Francesco Craighero Available
Enhancing Protein Design Through Advanced Graph Neural Networks Background: Machine learning has seen increasing applications in natural sciences, particularly biology. The powerful contributions of machine learning to the … Pengkang Guo Available
Development and characterization of an acoustic matched source Nonlinear or time-varying systems have established a new paradigm in wave engineering as they push the limits of conventional materials. … Matthieu Malléjac, Romain Fleury, Rahim Vesal Available
Arc Suppression System for High-Voltage Corona Discharge Acoustic Transducers A Corona Discharge Transducer (CDT) is composed of an array of very thin wires with of 0.1 mm diameter (“emitter … Rahim Vesal Assigned
Design of an annular array of active plasma sound absorbers The Corona Discharge (CD) principle has been demonstrated to allow achieving linear acoustic flow velocity source without relying on an … Hervé Lissek Assigned
Plasma headphones The Corona Discharge (CD) principle has been demonstrated to allow achieving linear acoustic flow velocity source without relying on an … Hervé Lissek Assigned
Design of unprecedented sound sources: a dream come true with plasma loudspeakers? The spherical sound source is known to be an optimal geometry, due to the limited scattering effects over the sphere … Hervé Lissek Assigned
Geometric deep learning in dynamical systems Background Geometric deep learning has made substantial impact in the machine learning community by generalising convolution operations, previously defined on … Adám Gosztolai Assigned
Learning principles of robotic locomotion on insects Background Robotics and AI research has achieved significant feats in recent years so that current legged robots can perform a … Adám Gosztolai Assigned
Traffic noise Radar: Tracking and estimation of individual vehicle noise emission Traffic noise and its effects on health has become increasingly more relevant these days. The latest noise emission model, SonRoad18, … Thach Pham Vu Assigned
Granular synthesis applied to car sound design Granular synthesis is an alternative to conventional sound synthesis (additive, substractive or frequency modulation, among others), not relying on manipulating … Thach Pham Vu, Vincent Grimaldi Assigned
Controlling the timbre of wind instruments with active impedance control A wind instrument can generally be assimilated to a axisymmetric hollow duct, with varying (or constant) cross-section along the main … Maxime Volery Assigned
Self-Supervised Learning for ribosome detection in microscopy images Background: In biomedical research, the detection, counting, and localization of ribosome spots from fluorescent imaging data is crucial for various … Mohan Vamsi Nallapareddy Finished
Manifold learning applications on graphs and videos Background: Representation learning of both structured and graph data is mostly performed in Euclidean space. Earlier studies have shed light … Ali Hariri Finished
Exploring Implicit Neural Representations from a Signal Processing Perspective Background. Implicit neural representations (INRs) have recently emerged as a powerful way of representing signals using neural networks. INRs are … Daniele Grattarola Finished
Adaptive Neural Cellular Automata Background: Neural Cellular Automata (NCA) are a class of cellular automata that use neural networks as learnable transition rules. By … Daniele Grattarola Finished