Supervision: Thach Pham Vu

Project type: Semester project (bachelor) Semester project (master)


Traffic noise and its effects on health has become increasingly more relevant these days. The latest noise emission model, SonRoad18, label traffic noise into detailed categories that incorporate the types of vehicle, types of noise, speed and directivity. The emissions of an individual vehicle are generally characterized by the radiated sound power in one-third octave band resolution using A-weighted Sound Pressure Level.

This project aims to study the possibilities of capturing these traffic information using a noise radar prototype consisting of two or more microphones. By having a multiple microphone system, the prototype aims to capture correctly the radiated sound power using microphones array techniques in real traffic situations where the presence of background noise as well as multiple vehicles passing might be present in the recorded sound signals. The overall effects of the form factor of the prototype should also be studied to avoid its influence on the integrity of recorded signals. The acquisition of recordings of real traffic situation is also required to study the practical performance of the array techniques.


  • Theoretical studies 20%

  • Design 20%

  • Data acquisition 20%
  • Experiments 20%
  • Data processing 20%