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Audio inpainting live demonstration

This page propose a live demonstration of our audio in-painting algorithm. We do not store any of your files after the processing.


We present a method to compensate for long duration data gaps in audio signals, in particular music. To achieve this task, a similarity graph is constructed, based on a short-time Fourier analysis of reliable signal segments, e.g. the uncorrupted remainder of the music piece, and the temporal regions adjacent to the unreliable section of the signal. A suitable candidate segment is then selected through a convex optimization scheme and smoothly inserted into the gap.


The article is availlable on arXiv
and the code can be downloaded here.

Online demonstration

Test our algorithm in four simple steps:
  1. Select your file to be in-painted (mp3, wav, flac):

  2. Specify the place to be in-painted
    Initial time in seconds:
    Final time in seconds:

  3. Lauch the upload and wait for the reconstuction to be done. It usually takes between 30 seconds and 1 minute depending on the server load and the length of your file.

  4. Download your in-painted file.