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Title Description Supervisors Status
Detection of fake news in sites and online networks There are numerous sources of information on the net. They can be more or less biaised or reliable and it … Benjamin Ricaud Finished
Detection of sounds with deep learning Classification of images and detection of objects in images have reached an impressive accuracy in the recent years, thanks to … Benjamin Ricaud Finished
Wikipedia activity analysis In this project we want to understand dynamic processes on networks and we will be using Wikipedia as an enormous … Benjamin Ricaud Finished
Improving virtual audio perception with headphones The LTS2-Acoustics is working on binaural audio synthesis for applications in hearing aid technologies. Our activities deal with the improvement … Gilles André Courtois, Vincent Grimaldi Finished
In-Situ Assessment of Active Electroacoustic Absorbers in Rooms at Low-Frequencies Room modes can significantly impair the quality of sound diffusion, in particular at low-frequencies and in small auditoria. These low-frequency … Thach Pham Vu Finished
Deep learning on 3D point clouds for object detection The goal of this project is to apply, adapt, and further develop the recently proposed graph convolutional neural networks [1] … Michaël Defferrard, Frank de Morsier Finished
Development of a remote quiet zone demo In many workspaces, low-frequency noises (LFN), as experienced with industrial machinery, electric transformer and air flow machinery, are the most … Romain Boulandet Finished
Convolutional Neural Networks on Graphs and Stationarity The Fourier spectrum is often not sufficient to discriminate complex signals because it does not take into account higher-order moments. … Nathanaël Perraudin, Michaël Defferrard Finished
Deep Learning for score generation Deep learning has become one of the most important tools in Machine Learning as it has imposed itself as the … Nathanaël Perraudin, Michaël Defferrard Finished
Music Information Retrieval on FMA The goal of this semester project is to provide baselines for genre classification, and maybe other problems in Music Information … Michaël Defferrard Finished
Fast Graph Clustering We live in a world of data but unfortunately, we still need the tools to exploit all the information that … Lionel Martin Finished
De-autotune the music! Autotune is one of the most spread voice effect in the music industry, which consists in modifying, on the fly, … Hervé Lissek Finished
Development of an active mute for wind instruments Electroacoustic resonators are devices comprising (at least) one electrodynamic loudspeaker and an electronic instrumentation (feedback based on pressure/velocity sensing, shunt … Thach Pham Vu Finished
Development of an active guitar board Acoustic guitars are appreciated for their bright and clean ringing sound, combined with a relatively balanced frequency spectrum due to … Thach Pham Vu Finished
Binaural sound localization in hearing aid system The LTS2-Acoustics has developed a binaural localization algorithm for hearing aid purpose. Strong technical constraints have restricted the possible signal … Gilles André Courtois Finished
Design of a new flat loudspeaker concept The electrodynamic moving-coil loudspeaker, as patented by Kellogg and Rice in 1924, is the most spread electroacoustic diffuser in the … Thomas Laurence Finished
Playing with neural network In this project, the student is asked to learn the use of neural networks. First, he will implement a simple … Nathanaël Perraudin Finished
Compressive sensing applied to the characterization of low-frequency room modes Rooms with wide dimensions present a modal behaviour due to stationnary waves at low frequencies. This behaviour may have prejudicial … Benjamin Ricaud Finished
Analyzing songs from the Montreux Jazz festival The Montreux Jazz Festival archive, with its thousands of songs, offers a unique opportunity to discover music. However, the database … Benjamin Ricaud Finished
Development of an active acoustic metasurface Metamaterials are engineered materials with a subwavelength structure that enables extraordinary propagation and manipulation of waves. In acoustics, they can … Maxime Volery Finished
Graph-based video analysis Idea : Create similarity graphs from videos with application to movie segmentation and movie signatures. Objectives : design and test … Johann Paratte, Lionel Martin Finished
Implementation of an active sourdine for wind instruments Electroacoustic resonators are devices comprising (at least) one electrodynamic loudspeaker and an electronic instrumentation (feedback based on pressure/velocity sensing, shunt … Hervé Lissek, Etienne Rivet, Romain Boulandet Finished
Improving the sound diffusion of a distributed mode loudspeaker through active structural acoustic control The distributed mode loudspeaker (DML) technology is a flat panel loudspeaker from which sound is generated a set of electromechanical … Romain Boulandet Finished
Electromechanical synthesis of boxed loudspeaker Loudspeaker systems are a combination of a driver and an acoustic enclosure, that may present different complexity. The most used … Etienne Rivet Finished
All about that bass! Bass music enthusiasts appreciate nothing more than the blast from their subwoofers, expressed as a sustained, powerful low-frequency pitch that … Benjamin Ricaud Finished