Supervision: Gilles André Courtois,Vincent Grimaldi

Project type: Semester project (bachelor) Semester project (master)


The LTS2-Acoustics is working on binaural audio synthesis for applications in hearing aid technologies. Our activities deal with the improvement of the naturalness and realism of the hearing experiences achieved with binaural spatialization. Specifically, we try to enhance the perception of out-of-the-head (externalized) sound images by developing innovative solutions.

In this project, the student is asked to implement and test some existing solutions to simulate the continuous movements achieved by the head. Indeed, it is known that one’s head is never completely static and the re-creation of this effect is supposed to contribute to externalization improvement. Depending on the project progress, the student will be free to suggest and test their own ideas as well. A subjective test on several listeners is scheduled to close the work, so as to evaluate the pros and cons of the tested solutions.

Profile: Electrical engineering, computer science

Prerequisites: Electroacoustique (BA5) or Signal processing (BA5) or Audio Engineering (MA1), experience with Matlab/Simulink

Content: Audio signal processing, Psychoacoustics, Matlab and Simulink implementation

Reference: To experience binaural externalized sound, wear headphones and go here