H2020 - SALUTE

Funding source:

Horizon H2020 - Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking





SALUTE (Smart Acoustic Lining for UHBR Technologies Engines) is a research project funded by the European Union's  Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking. It aims at developping innovative acoustic treatments for engine nacelles in order to reduce noise pollution of future aircrafts.

The main technological objective is the development of a new generation acoustic liner, based on the Electroacoustic Absorber concept (see eg. INTERACTS or ENOVAL projects pages). Most of the work will then be a follow-up of FP7-ENOVAL project.

ENOVAL prototype

Tasks of EPFL-LTS2

Being a follow-up of the FP7-ENOVAL project, aiming at upgrading the concept of active acoustic liner developed in this former project, EPFL-LTS2 will be involved in the whole technical tasks of the project, with a particular focus on:

  • identify electroacoustic hardware (loudspeaker, microphones adapted to very high sound pressure amplitudes) for the concept to be validated at engine level;
  • develop novel active impedance control strategies, such as
    • Multiple Degrees of Freedom (MDOF) resonators synthesis (order >3), allowing outperforming existing passive solutions (DDOF Helmholtz resonators)
    • hybrid feedback/feedforward control on pressure and velocity to extend the possibility of modifying the acoustic impedance of a loudspeaker membrane
    • distributed impedance control over the surface of active elements,
    • etc.
  • develop numerical simulations accounting for the whole physics (flow duct acoustics, fluid/structure interactions, electromechanical coupling, electric control schemes, etc.);
  • develop working prototypes for different validation steps:
    • 2D prototype for assessment in rectangular wind-tunnel test facility at NLR
    • 3D (curved) prototype for assessment in engine nacelle scale model

More information on the Project's Public Webpage.