Metamaterials are engineered materials with a sub-wavelength structure that enable extra-ordinary propagation and manipulation of waves. Current developments using electrodynamic loudspeakers as unit-cells allows for a wide range of control: depending on the electrical load applied to the loudspeaker, its acoustic properties, such as reflexion, absorption and transmission, can be altered.

The purpose of this project is to explore the concept of electroacoustic unit cell, composed of a loudspeaker membrane and a host waveguide, and design a local acoustic impedance control scheme in order to realize a desired acoustic impedance at the loudspeaker diaphragm. The target objective will be that the membrane realizes unitary transmission coefficient, with a programmable phase.

Such unit cell will then be used as a basic bulding block for 1D and 2D electroacoustic metamaterials.

Profile: Electrical engineering, Micro-engineering, Physics, Mechanics

Prerequisites: Electroacoustique (BA5) or Audio Engineering (MA1)

Context: Theory (40%), design (40%), measurement (20%)