Supervision: Hervé Lissek

Project type: Semester project (bachelor) Semester project (master)


The 3D printer technology represent now a nainstream tool for designing engineering tools that were not (or almost not) possible to achieve a few years ago. Especially, sound absorption technologies could benefit from these new construction facilities, by constructing elastic membrane absorbers with controllable dynamic properties.

The objective of this project is to assess the sound absorption of different types of membrane absorbers assembled on 3D printing technology, and mande of the combination of different elastic polymers, with a view to establish a design rules for membrane absorption. The work will then consist in:

  • specifying a set of different material properties or combination of properties - design the experimental protocol
  • perform the sound absorption assessment
  • analyse the results and provide design guidelines for 3D printed membrane absorbers

Profile: Electrical engineering, Micro-engineering, Physics, Mechanics, Material sciences

Prerequisites: Electroacoustique (BA5) or Audio Engineering (MA1)

Context: Theory (20%), design (40%), measurement (40%)