Since the early time of electricity, the idea to create sound through electric means has emerged in the mind of engineers and creators. One of the first of such attempts has been the phonograph by Thomas Jefferson, allowing for the first time the reproduction of sound from a electromechanical support. This pioneer work has quickly led to the first musical instruments from an electronic source (Telharmonium, Theremin, among others), and since the early 1900's, the rise of the synthesizers era.

This project aims at synthesizing a complex musical instruments, such as string instruments (guitar, violin, oud, etc.) through:

  • the analysis of the physical mechanisms at the origin of the vibration (string, soundboard, resonator),

  • the analysis of the sound pressure generated at a listener's position, leading to the definition of its time and spectral features,

  • the recreation of the sound through signal processing model (Matlab)

  • the comparison of the synthesized sound and the original recording (through objective and/or subjective means)

Profile: Electrical engineering, Micro-engineering, Physics, Mechanics

Prerequisites: Audio Engineering (MA1)

Context: Theory (20%), Modeling (60%), Experiments (20%)