Artificial 3D audio has been a topic of growing and trendy interest in the entertainment industry (e.g. cinema, music, video games, smartphone applications...) for the last decades. New sectors are now performing research in this field, such as the very competitive market of the hearing-aid industry. Hearing aids can be indeed considered as headphones, in which it is possible to apply 3D binaural spatialization methods.

Based on an existing spatialization algorithm, the student will be asked to investigate well-established techniques to increase the externalization perception (fact to hear out-of-the-head sound images, like in the real life). The objective is to perform parameter tuning, as well as implement some novel algorithms under Matlab, to improve the spatial perception and extend the immersive feeling.

Profile: Electrical engineering, computer science

Prerequisites: Electroacoustique (BA5) or Audio Engineering (MA1), basic knowledge with Matlab

Content: Psychoacoustics, perceptual acoustics, signal processing, Matlab implementation