First !

Welcome !

Many people at LTS2 (the lab I recently joined as a PhD student) are starting a blog these days. This one is mine. The idea is to use it as a lab book. I am going to document here my progress on SceneNet and NewBornCare, two projects in which I am involved, as well as all the other things I will be doing as a PhD student during the next few years.

SceneNet aims to combine multiple videos of a single event, like a concert, into one aggregated 3D video experience. One could, for instance, (re)experience the event through high quality videos from a variety of angles and points of view. The goal is also to provide an underlying social infrastructure for people interested in those events.

NewBornCare is about reducing the rate of false alarms in the equipment monitoring premature babies in hospitals. Standard equipment is very sensitive and attached to the baby and can malfunction when the baby moves. The idea is to replace this equipement by cameras and measure vital signs such as heart rate and breathing by detecting and analysing subtle color changes in the skin (due to blood coming in and out) and movements.

Those two projects should keep me busy for most of the first year or two of my time at LTS2. I am sure there are going to be plenty of other exciting projects and I will gradually focus more and more on those. Of course, they are also going to be covered in future posts, but that is a story for another day …